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Golf and Fitness Course

Welcome to the home page of A Putters Edge where you can find golf and fitness advice as well as my personal life experiences. While golf may not seem like the most physically demanding sport, every swing requires a combination of strength, flexibility, balance and excellent hand eye coordination, and the only way to ensure your game is up to par is by signing up to a fitness course Melbourne golfers can vouch for.
No matter whether you’re playing at competition level, or you just a weekend warrior, the repetitive swing of the club can cause serious damage to your joints and muscles if they are not properly conditioned to withstand these constant strains.
As with most things, prevention is much better than a cure, which is why strength and conditioning fitness courses are a must for golfers. By training your muscles, and strengthening your joints, you can drastically reduce the risk of injury the can be sustained on the golf course.
Strength and conditioning doesn’t just train your body to be more durable, it can also help develop your overall game. Studies have show that even home exercises performed for just 5 minute, 5 times per week for 5 weeks, can improve your clubhead speed by 24%But, if you’re looking to get the very best of out of your training, then standard fitness programs are simply not enough, instead you’ll need to search for a reputable gym, fitness center or personal trainer that can provide the very best fitness courses Melbourne has to offer.

Improve Your Golf Game With Massage Courses

If you experience aches and pains after a round of golf then perhaps you should find out what massage courses Melbourne can do for you. Because, golf is often considered to be a sport that’s less demanding on the body than others, many people fail to understand just how taxing it can be on the body. It’s well documented that approximately 1 in 4 golfers experience some kind of injury, and this usually manifests as some form of lower back, joint or muscle pain.
In order to elevate the aches and pains, many more golfers are now opting for massage treatments following a long day on the course.
While there are many forms of massages, they can all be categorized into two basic types – a deep tissue massage designed to increase blood flow, reduce rigidity in muscles and joints; or a relaxation massage designed to put you to sleep. And as golfer, it’s important to know the difference.
Deep tissue massages, sometimes referred to as trigger-point therapy, can help relax the body and keep your muscles supple, however these massages are not designed to be comfortable and can leave residual pains that take some hours to subside. For that reason it’s advisable not to have a deep tissue massage within 48 hours of tee off, so your body will have chance to recover and reap the benefits. Similarly, relaxation therapies that leave you feeling lethargic also shouldn’t be performed too close to tee off so you’re not feeling too drowsy when on the course.
Following a game of golf however, your body can greatly benefit from both types of massage, be it deep tissue or relaxation.If you’re having difficulty finding an effective masseuse that’s local to you, try asking one of the many massage courses Melbourne has, to see if they can recommend a practice or personal masseuse that provide the services your looking for.

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