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Why you should consider installing tinted windows 

Modern offices are normally designed with very large windows.  This is done for a variety of reasons, but by far the most prominent is to provide a comfortable working environment.  By having a large amount of window real estate, the office is provided with a significant amount of natural sunlight and this is highly beneficial to the people who work there.  The increase in natural light promotes mental wellbeing as well as allowing for a light and airy working environment.  The extra sunlight exposure stimulates the production of vitamin D, which is produced within the skin as a result of being in natural light and this is important for health and wellbeing.

Aside from the beneficial human factor, there are also financial benefits to having large windows in an office.  The glass will help trap the sunlight and the heat inherent therein and keep the office warmer and as such reduce the demands on the heating system.  However, there are downsides to having so much window space, but most of these can be easily remedied by employing the services of a professional office window tinting service.

 tint window Excessive temperature

Obviously with such a large amount of glass keeping your office warm, it is going to be excessive at certain times of year.  The increased heat can make the office very unpleasant to work in, or require heavier use of air conditioning, which is expensive.  Window tinting can apply a good degree of thermal regulation and not only will it help keep it cooler in hotter months, it will reduce temperature loss in colder months.


Light glare can be very distracting when people are trying to work and it can actually be quite dangerous if someone has sensitive eyes.  A window tint can provide protection against this unfortunate side effect of the sun and minimise the amount of glare that affects the office.

window tintingUV exposure

Standard glass naturally filters out elements of the sun’s rays.  Certain points on the spectrum will be unable to pass through normal windows and one of these is UVB light.  Collectively, UVA and UVB radiation are essentially what causes sunburn, and most sun creams will have a UVA and UVB rating on the back of the packet to inform people how protective they are.  A tint on the office windows will be able to provide the ability to filter out the UVB radiation as well.

Lack of Privacy

Not as relevant for higher floors, but the lower floors of office buildings will lack the privacy afforded to the higher positions.  Even if the work that is done in the building is not of a sensitive nature, it is still not very pleasant to be constantly stared at.  So a window tint provided by a professional company such as SolarGraph Glass Tinting will be able to help the employees feel more secure and offer them the same degree of privacy as those on the upper floors.