How to help your house appreciate in value

Most people have a certain expectation when they move into a home and the chances are, selling it at the first available opportunity is not on the top of their agenda, however, it will never hurt to think ahead to the future and to the plans that you and your family may have then rather than solely on what is happening in the here and now. Although some may argue that there is the bonus of not having any emotional attachment to the property, it’s hard not to get attached to the pile of bricks and mortar that shelter us from the stresses of the outside world. As well as the rain.

So when it comes down to it, to the main and ugly truth of the matter, no matter how good your home has been to you over the years, the main goal for selling your property is the money and it’s important that you not only do as much as you can when it eventually comes around to that time where you need to sell up but throughout your time in the property itself. So let’s take a look at some things that you could consider doing whilst living at the property that can influence the final price you will get.

Lay down a Patio

Who wouldn’t enjoy having a beautiful and functional patio to enjoy? A nice and stable area of concrete, ideal for placing down a few tables and chairs to enjoy a meal in the garden on a crisp summers evening, sounds good right? Having a great feature like this in your garden will go a long way to increase your properties value over the years, with the value holding well depending on how well you maintain not just the patio, but also the garden around it. New buyers like to see that you have been proactive in doing the work or having the work done to improve the house as it also reassures them that the other aspects of the house will have been maintained also.

However, the main problem you will encounter in your area is finding a contractor or company that can give you both high qualities works at a reasonable price. A lot of “companies” offering this service at a fairly expensive price tag, however, there are also a fair few cowboys out there who claim they will do a great job for a great price but then deliver poor quality work. Ensure when you are looking at individual companies and contractors to get quotes, not estimates. If you accept work based on an estimate then you may find that the price is far higher than originally assumed due to either genuine extra work or materials that had to be paid for, or sometimes more unscrupulous companies will actually try and use this as a way to squeeze you for a few extra bucks because after all, it was only an estimate right?

Renovating your kitchen


While it may be something that you and your partner can enjoy for yourselves and can in some cases even enjoy the design and equipment selection phases of it as these are things that rather than being in the seemingly unattainable section of the department store where large and top of the line ranges fridge freezers are kept. However in addition to the obvious practical applications there obviously are form homeowners getting kitchen makeovers it is also, in some ways, an investment into your future should the time come where you want to sell your home or even if you ever think about securing finance against the home without selling it. And a freshly renovated kitchen with decent equipment in it is definitely going to hit that nail on the head just a little bit harder.

As for the same reason as the patio above people who are coming to see your home to judge it not only on how you yourself have kept it in good repair but also in how willing you have been in the past to identify problems with the property and what you have done to improve on them. After all, if you have gone to the trouble of having your entire kitchen renovated at your own expense and time then it will allay their fears that you would let other problems develop in other parts of the house, like mold.