How to help promote your business locally

Nowadays you could be forgiven for thinking that the only way to effectively source new customers and clients is through the internet. Recent focus from businesses around the areas of promotion and marketing has been to appeal to a far larger; more specific demographic of people who may be interested in your products or services that can be found online and indeed it cannot be denied that online marketing is a powerful tool to find new business, however, a lot of different kinds of industry can benefit from appealing to their local “offline audience”. After all just because there are new business and marketing models it doesn’t necessarily mean that old ones are immediately redundant.

If this was the case then how come some of the world’s largest companies like Apple, Samsung and Siemens still spend a considerable amount of money on billboard and TV campaigns to advertise their products? Now obviously these strategies would only be suitable for larger companies so let’s take a look at things that SME’s can do to make their brand more appealing to their local audience.



High street promotion and sampling

If your business is either fairly unknown or brand new on your local scene a great way of directing new attention to your work is to hold a promotional event along your local high-street, promenade or other popular and busy retail parts of your town. This can work for any business but it holds particular importance for food and confectionary companies or other visually attractive products and services. The reason for this is simple, samples. If you can give a practical example of the work you and your company do to display your expertise and knowledge before the customer makes their decision is really important not only to establish your company as credible and sufficiently skilled, but also to set that ultimate first impression with your new audience.

After all what sets off a relationship or expectation of a company, than a free sample of their latest product, like a free slice of cake or can of drink? This tactic has been shown to paint your company as one that is “generous” and not afraid to spend money on them as customers.


Now while it can be argued that it is not the greatest use of paper ever, since a lot of it end up being discarded in the trash, which is a pretty big waste.  However, while some will throw away, at least half the people may decide to keep the leaflet and then when taking the days contents out of their pockets they come across it again, clearly displaying your companies name and branding to someone who would otherwise have ignored it. This in essence is the art of pamphleting as next time that person has need of your services, he may recall that leaflet he has laying around and decide he wants to give a new supplier a chance.

However pamphleting is not only limited to standing around in all whether conditions like some kind of scarecrow, trying to hastily offload your bundle of leaflets to any given person walking away. Another arm of your leaflet campaign would be to go to different local businesses (such as stores, takeaway restaurants and other premises that have counters) and ask them if you could leave a small stack of leaflets. Some companies will say no and of the ones that say yes, some will do this for free to help a fellow local business and others may charge a small fee for it.

Branded vehicles

If your business is one that relies on some kind of delivery service of some sort, and you have your own vehicles that you use to facilitate this, then why not look into getting your vehicles professionally restyled and matched to your branding by having a specialist company build and design a vinyl wrap to match your companies branding, logo and colour scheme, to really get your name out there.

In essence, by doing this not only does your companies staff and the brand they are associated with seem more professional, in a way one of their jobs is just to move from place to place and in so doing can become akin to a portable billboard, which can help spread your companies brand awareness as far as your deliveries can travel.