What Are Skip Bins?

Skip bins, or dumpster, is a large open-topped waste container designed for loading onto a special type of lorry (truck). Instead of being emptied into a garbage truck on site, a skip bin is removed and then tipped at a landfill site or transfer station.


Basically, they’re just giant waste bins that can contain anywhere from 2 to 30 cubic meters of rubbish. They are delivered by a waste removal service and picked up after a pre-arranged length of time.


When you order a skip bin, it will be measured in length or square meters, with approximate cubic meters added as a guide. Skip bins can also come in different types for example; mixed heavy, green waste, soil, and dirt and general waste.

When to hire a skip bin service?

Have huge home improvement project coming up, but not sure what you’re going to do with all the leftover rubbish once you’re finished with the renovation? It could literally take you ages to go back and forth, clearing out all the heavy waste material to the rubbish bin. You can save time by booking a skip bin hire service and get rid of it all at once.

What types of items can I place in a skip bin?

First off, it’s important to know that there are strict laws and regulations around how to dispose of certain types of waste. Disposing of certain materials and types of waste, or mixing them incorrectly in a skip bin can attract additional fees or require that your rubbish is returned to you.


When deciding which items to dispose of in a skip bin, remember the following points:

  1. Some types of waste can be disposed of in a skip bin, but they must not be mixed with any other types of waste.
  2. Some types of waste must not be put in skip bins ever. This mostly applies to rubbish containing hazardous materials or chemicals (including electronics).


Here’s a list of some types of rubbish you can place in a skip bin:


  • General Waste – Most general household waste can be put in a skip bin; including things like boxes, timber, furniture, white goods, some electronic appliances, clothes, toys, carpet and most types of green waste.
  • Bricks & Concrete – usually these items cannot be placed with any other rubbish and require a special type of skip bin.
  • Sand, dirt, and soil – cannot be disposed of in a general waste skip: they must be disposed of solely in a special skip with no other materials, not even in the smallest quantities.
  • Green waste – Green waste includes grass, leaves, branches, wood chips, bark and other organic materials, not including sand, soil, dirt or putrescible waste (including food waste, nappies, and pet waste). Green waste disposal may require a special green waste skip.

The following items should never be placed in a skip bin:

  • Electronics – This includes printers, scanners, keyboards, computers (monitors and hard drives, including laptops and tablets), mice (computer), monitors, photocopiers, television sets, and batteries of any kind
  • Putrescible waste (including food waste, nappies, and pet waste)
  • Liquid waste (including paints, oils, chemicals, and thinners)
  • LPG gas cylinders
  • Asbestos
  • Hazardous waste
  • Tires


The cost of the skip bin will depend on the size and weight of the bin, in addition to the type of waste removed. If you have further questions about which rubbish can be cleared out by a skip bin, best contact a national provider like RentAskip for answers and quotes.