2 Types of Modern Dance Styles

Dancing has since evolved from the once popular tap dancing. There are many type of dance style now for youths and adult alike. Dance is categorized under performing art that involves moving your body, matching sets of moves and often to rhythmic music. Many cultures have some form of dance. Chinese have Chinese dance while Indian culture have Kathak and other form of dances.

Here I’ve listed some of two types of modern dance style performed popularly throughout the world. I am sure you will be able to recognize at least one dance style.


Break Dancing a.k.a B-boy

B-boyBreak dancing is a form of street dancing style. This type of dance needs balances between skills, techniques and strength. They involve many dance moves which makes it very acrobatic. Break dance is very popular and there are even movies showing break dancing.

Break dancing is really popular right now with many competitions being held worldwide. One of the most interesting factor of break dancing is the fact that many dancers are taking part in B-Boy Battle. This battle involves two individuals or teams competing with one another, showcasing their skills and responding to their opponents.

Do you enjoy break dancing? Well I do, and I really do enjoy watching competitions and professional break dancers.


Hip Hop Dancing

Hip-HopHip hop dance is another form of street dancing style apart from Break Dancing and B-Boy. This type of dance typically involves hip hop music. This type of dance includes many type of moves, primarily revolving around popping, breaking and locking. This type of dance style also involves dancing close to the ground. Sounds cool?

This particular dance style is very popular in films and you probably went to the cinema and watched “Street Dance 3D” which involves various hip hop moves as well.

Hip hop dance was first introduced as Breaking which was a predominant style of dance in the 1970s to the mid-80s. It was since then, Hip Hop began to flourish after combining breaking with other dance moves.

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GangnamExtra: Gangnam Style

I’m sure you’ve heard of Gangnam Style. It is a song created by a Korean artiste, “PSY”. Gangnam Style refers to the district, Gangnam District in Seoul which involves a high standard of living and wealthy lifestyle. If someone in Korea mentioned that you live like Gangnam Style, it does not mean that you’re popular or famous but more like a person who spends a lot. However, because of that music video created by PSY, the whole world knows about this 2 words and most of them have either heard, watched or even danced to the song. Gangnam Style took the world by surprise.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article and know more about those 2 types of modern dance style. Be sure to share it with your family and friends, especially those dance fanatics.