How to choose a good make-up artist for your wedding

Now if we are being completely honest with ourselves here, the wedding is really all about the bride and how she looks and for very good reason. She is the focal point of the entire event and in most cultures around the world it is customary for them to be dressed in the most jaw-droppingly beautiful garments with some exquisite complimentary accessories that will really offset the outfit that has sometimes taken months to create and fit to her alone. A huge part of how your bride will look and feel about herself however is her make-up. On a regular day, for many women their make-up is a comfort and a way to control how they are perceived by others. And for your wedding your make-up can make you feel even more beautiful and special than you already do.

On this most important day you will most likely want to employ the services of a professional make-up artist who has a vast amount of experience in handling all of the makeup requirements for weddings in the past. Just like any other kind of artist they come in all different shapes and sizes and have their own unique styles of how they like to work and what kind of make-up they will do for your wedding in particular. However on this particular note you will want to move fast as they often get snatched up quickly especially in the busier wedding seasons, so in this article we will run through a few ways that you can quickly assess whether or not you want to work with a particular artist ongoing and book them before they become unavailable for your wedding day.

How they like to work


Once you have identified a few different artists in your area who are able to undertake the work then comes the task of sifting through examples of their past work, not only to establish how experienced and skilled they are in this kind of work but also to decide ether their particular style of makeup and way of working meets your expectations and matches what you have planned in your head. Generally you don’t pay for things without seeing a working example first and in this respect your artist should really be offering you a trial run a few days before the day itself in order for you to discuss in detail what you want, see a living example of the makeup on your face and give you the opportunity to give feedback and also make any changes to what they have planned so that it isn’t a hassle or extra burden on the day itself.

Really if your make-up artist won’t even give you the courtesy to a trial run to see what it is you are paying for before your big day and the opportunity for you to make your own suggestions about what you want on an all-important day like your wedding, then we would seriously consider whether this is the kind of artist that you want to work with as you will have little idea of how their particular style of makeup will look on your face until the day itself, which is not ideal both for your outfit and your confidence.



You will need to ensure that once you find an artist whose style of makeup you love and who is willing to be reasonable and meet you halfway on the specific arrangements around their work then you can comfortably move forward with booking them in. However, this is something that you will want to move like lightning to complete in order to ensure that they are available and booked in for your big day. As we mentioned before the closer you get to the day itself the more chance you run of having them be booked out before you can get a chance to reserve them. This is extremely important to remember to achieve the look that you feel comfortable and beautiful in on the day where it matters most.

So make sure that you have made up your mind and finalized the details of your booking by at the very least by a fortnight before the wedding is due to take place. In some busier wedding seasons you may want to extend that to a month. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, please click the following link for more information on selecting a bridal makeup artist.