Cupcakes: a gift guide

Everybody puts stock into their birthday, even if you may act like they aren’t important and you don’t want people to make a big deal out of it, for people to make no deal at all out of an occasion like that just kind of gives the impression that you don’t really care or that at best you are really forgetful. Now sometimes a simple happy birthday and a card will suffice, and then in other instances you will need to get them a token of your friendship or association in the form of a gift. However this can be slightly difficult to gauge if the person you are gifting is either very private or you don’t know the person extremely well, and not enough to choose an enjoyable gift for them.

However there is a particularly interesting new trend that is the perfect solution to this problem and that is too give attractive and delicious edible gifts that can be enjoyed by practically everybody and one particularly popular trend is too gift cupcakes, which are a particularly “in-vogue” thing to eat amongst many parts of modern culture and they make great gifts. After all who can rely deny that they like cake? So let’s look at some important things to remember when you plan on gifting cupcakes.

Notice and freshness

Unless you actively plan on gifting cakes that have been made to meet the regular days order and are not customized in any way at all then this isn’t important. However we are assuming that you want to give only the freshest and tastiest, high quality cakes that have been customized to what you know that they enjoy. and to achieve this its absolutely vital that you give the bakery a good amount of notice, now really it should be as much as you can reasonably give, however each company and bakery will most likely have a set cut off time in which yo0u can have custom orders of cakes made up, usually 72-48 hours before you require them.

As we said earlier, failure to do this and give the necessary notice may force your hand and the only thing that will be left to do would be to by ones that have been pre prepared for the day’s business. However obviously they will be left with no control over the specific cakes that you buy and potentially be left with no choice but to buy pones that are not the preferred choice of the recipient.


One of the main advantage that gifting cupcakes has is the virtually limitless options that you can choose for the person you are giving them to. Which makes it a breeze to base your order around things that you know that the person you are gifting them too will enjoy. However this also adds a solution for people that you are not as familiar with as rather than giving the whole game away by asking what cake they like, you can simply buy a selection of a number of different flavors and fillings for them to choose from, which is not only great for them but they are made to be shared and this provides a choice for the people who they are being shared with.

Generally speaking you can be as conservative, or as adventurous as you like and don’t be scared to discuss more out there options with your baker or company. Do you happen to know that this person really enjoys cheesecake? Well then mention this too them and see if these flavors are something that can be incorporated into your order, after all the worst thing that they are going to say is “sorry we can’t do that”.


Another great thing about cupcakes is that you can have a number of visually striking designs and decorations on the top of them in order to greatly enhance the impression that they make when the box is opened. Bear in mind that these are small individual pieces of a single gift, so while you can create some variety, it would be best that they all tie into a common colour or concept.

A great way to do this is to spell out a message in cupcakes for the intended recipient with each cake holding a letter. Take a look at some more imaginative suggestions from a provider of some of the best cupcakes in Perth.