How to Earn Money Using Airbnb

You’ve probably heard of Airbnb or even stayed in an Airbnb property before. There are many people making money using Airbnb and there are others looking for some extra income turning to Airbnb. It is a great platform for people who are both looking for a steady income and people who are looking for some extra cash.


What is Airbnb?

home-for-rentAirbnb is a website that allows people to list their property for rent. Consumers who goes to Airbnb are usually travelers looking to rent a room or a whole apartment during their holidays. However, you’ll encounter some guests who are looking to rent the whole place long-term.


How to get started?

First, you will need to list your property. One great news here, you don’t even need to have a whole house. You can also list a single room out for rent while you’re at home. This is great for people who wants to meet people from other cultures. This can be great for hosts that are nervous and anxious to leave their whole apartments to a complete stranger. It is possible to make extra friends by hosting guests from Airbnb.

Ensure that your house is equipped with basic necessities and amenities that guests will be more likely to use. It is important to include basic necessities in your property that you are planning to rent to give it a more attractive boost to renters. Think about what you would like when you are looking for a rented property when you travel, that will most likely give you the answers to what you need when preparing your property to be rented.

Take photos of your listing. Note that these photos are the main trigger to convincing your potential renter to rent the property. If you are not confident of your own photography skills, you can always engage a professional photographer to shoot them.

Pricing is another matter you need to calculate in order for you to make enough returns. Take into account the utility charges. One small tip is to look into other listings in your area and build your own price according to their listing price range.


Choosing Your Guests

choose-guestSet your requirements. For example, if there are many sharp edges and dangerous areas that are unsafe for children, do include it in your listing. This will make sure that nothing will go wrong, both for you and your guests. Another great example is if your property is not pet-friendly, do list it as well.

Verify that your guests are “good guests”. This can be done by looking up reviews from their previous hosts as well as making sure that they are verified users on Airbnb.


Preparing for Guests

Clean your property before letting new guests occupy the space! Cleaning your property and ensuring that it is clean will do great to your listing ratings and guests satisfaction. After all, they can post reviews about your property on Airbnb and a ton of nasty review may hurt your business.

Greeting your guests is important as well. It will make sure that they feel homely and secured. Guests will enjoy more if you are personally there to greet them and it is important to do that if you are looking for good reviews on your Airbnb especially when it is a new listing.

If you are too busy or simply don’t have the time to clean your property and greet these guests, you can always engage holiday property rental management to ensure that your property is clean after every guests and to ensure that your guests are greeted properly.

Now that you’re all set to host, make sure to let me know if this article is any help to you.