I Finally Sold My house!



You guys probably heard that I am trying to sell my beautiful house. Well, good news, I’ve finally sold it to a wonderful couple. It took me almost half a year to sell this house as there were many preparations before I can actually list it. Well, I finally did.

You’re probably looking to sell your house soon and the first thing on your mind is how did I do it, right? I’ll share with you my experience in selling my house and the various steps I did to ensure that my house is attractive enough to be sold.

under construction househouse repairing


Repair your house or your apartment before you list it. A beautiful, fully functional house will definitely worth more than an ugly, worn out house. What I did was to seal those ugly cracks on the wall, repair those leaking pipes and to repaint the whole house. Yes, it was a lot of trouble. All these took me 3weeks to finish as I was juggling between work and my house’s makeover. My house was quite huge as well, that’s why it takes me extra long to complete the full makeover.



Photography 101

Now that I’ve done with the makeover, I engaged a professional photographer to take various pictures of my house in order to list it on websites. A beautiful photo of your house is needed to attract the attention of potential buyers. If there are no photos or the photos are not well taken, potential buyers will most likely not contact you as they have no idea how your house looks like or even don’t like the way the house looks due to your bad photographs.



Look for Websites or Agents

Looking for websites to post your listing to or trustworthy agents is the easy part. It took me less than 3 days to get my listing up on all the sites that I wanted to and also distributed my house listing to an agent. Logica Property has a great article with advice on selecting a selling agent. When you’re looking for potential buyers, the best thing you can do is try to have your listing on high traffic property websites in order to reach your potential buyer.




Arrange Schedules for House Viewing

As soon as 1 day after I posted my house for sale, I have several calls inquiring about my house. I set up a date for viewing with them and have them take a look at my house. I told them honestly if somewhere needs to be fixed or renovated and also pointed out the positive and good points about my house.


Engage a Conveyance Solicitor

Before you let your buyer sign the contract that you drafted, make sure you have gone through it with your lawyer. Also, engage conveyancing solicitors to help you transfer the property to the new owners. If this process is not done correctly, it will lead to more complications. So, to avoid such complications to occur, I suggest that you engage qualified conveyancing solicitors to help you out.