How to give a truly personalized gift to a dear friend

Some friendships are fleeting memories in the wind and neither last long or are particularly memorable by either parties, indeed it can sometimes seem like friendships we had as kids are ones that seem particularly vague and distance and normally it was only some loose interest that you both shared that continued to fuel the friendship and by and large that’s all that remains of 99% of the friends you will make before the age of 18, however, there are then those friends that stick with your through the good times and the bad. The ones that you can rely on for their support in any problem you may be having. And the ones who will be there for you whether you ask them to or not.

So it’s here that we will look into exactly the best way to honor one of these friends birthdays after all, if putting up with our constant complaining isn’t bad enough, they also now are tied to us forever! Us kidding, but in all seriousness let’s look at some of the more personal ways that you can honor your friend on their birthday.

Surprise them


The element of surprise ids pretty, much all you have against a really good friend, after all, this person knows you extremely well, and will be able to predict your behavior, sometimes even better than you can predict it yourself, so it’s important if you plan some kind of surprise that you have as little interaction with them as possible in the lead up to the event. This is because most good friends can read each other like a book and you don’t want to ruin the fun element of what you’re planning. So if its surprise party, make sure you arrange everything and invite everybody well in advance to ensure that everybody knows what to do and all of the suppliers know what is required of them as well. This will remove as much confusion and messing around on the day as possible.

Remember that the party has to be a pleasant surprise and you should equate this with what they enjoy, for example, if it’s a very formal and particularly refined person that you are dealing with then maybe some kind of surprise sit-down meal as you casually walk past the restaurant everyone could burst out with the surprise. On the other end of the spectrum, if they are a relaxed and aid back person maybe the more traditional drinks and dancing at home with nibbles may be appropriate. Remember that if they aren’t dancing then it’s not really their party.


Engraved items hold such a timeless and unique personal quality to them. Whether it’s a ring to be engaged or even if it’s simply a dog tag given in the military service, the feeling of permanency and belonging to you is quite unlike anything else that can be given and the same goes for even more mundane engraved goods. So if the person who you are buying for is particularly important to you then why not make a statement that will endure in time and look into getting a personalized and unique engraved item that will make them treasure the moment you give them every time they look back on it. With the process and costs of engraving falling to all-time lows in recent years, practically anybody can get pretty much anything engraved so long as it is made of metal. Even a small token that is easily carried can be a lovely addition to the main gift or surprise you are planning for them.

That’s why engraved keyrings with a short but meaningful message are becoming ever more popular between closely linked and trusted friends who don’t need to get each other big and expensive fancy gifts to show each other how close they are. The keychain can also be personalized in terms of message and colour, materials and pretty much anything else that you could want to add (or take away) to make the gift 100% unique to them.

Thanks for taking the time to read up on the best ways to celebrate a beloved friends birthday, obviously there are many different ways that you could go about this and unique and imaginative ideas will undoubtedly work far better, these were just fuel for the imagination engine so to speak.