Guide to buying gifts for colleagues and acquaintances

There are many different occasions in our lives where we will need to buy gifts for other people, whether it’s an important birthday or a wedding that is to be celebrated you will need to supply some token of your esteem to the person or people involved. However, life will sometimes throw occasions at you in which you don’t really know the people very well and normally will be forced to guess to some degree as to what it is they would like to receive for this occasion. Naturally as you can imagine this has caused problems and awkwardness for many people in the past and subsequently many businesses are now exploring niches in this market of gifts for people you don’t really know.

While it may be tempting to grab the very first gift-like item that you can find from your local department store, if you have put zero thought into the gift, even if it is liked, will obviously by default mean less to the person you get it for. So put some creativity in and try to be a little bit imaginative. However, before you go ahead and order the first hamper of cheese that Goggle suggests to you, here is a comprehensive list of things that you really need to consider before you make any solid decisions.

Preference and personal taste




Obviously this is going to be one of the major barriers to you choosing a gift that will actually mean something to the recipient if you don’t really know them to well. For example, you shouldn’t be getting cufflinks or a tie for somebody who will never have to wear a shirt in the first place. Or buying somebody chocolate when they hate it, it just hits the wrong note and can actually leave a negative impression with the person you gifted. And that is actually anti the purpose of why you are going to this trouble in the first place. So if you can find out anything obvious by just looking and talking to them for a few minutes, make sure that you have a chat with somebody who does know them a little better.

They will most likely (if they are a good friend that is) give you some suggestions as to what they would enjoy. Also remember that if you can provide variety in your gift, such as candy and gift hampers, then you most definitely should in order to ensure that you hit the right note should your first guess be incorrect.



As mentioned above, you want to avoid clichés as much as you possibly can. Although sometimes when used to comic effect can be a good idea, in most circumstances this will be seen as you putting pretty much zero effort into your choice and basically seem like you don’t really care too much about the recipient’s feelings when they receive this. Choosing something on the basis that it “appears” to be suitable as a gift does not necessarily mean that there is wisdom in choosing it. So make sure that you at least try to make your gift memorable, it’s not about what you spend at all it’s about what it means to the person you buy it for. Even one or two mid-range cigars that cost under $40 can be a great gift to somebody who really enjoys them.

So try your best not to be “that guy” who buys everybody cufflinks for pretty much every occasion as they don’t have enough imagination to pick something better. It’s not a good position to hold.


Edibles are something that people fall back on and why not, after all food is one of those universal things like water, and oxygen that all humans need and everybody enjoys a sweet treat or two, like personalized candies. However if you are thinking about ordering candy or any other kind of food there are some potentially lifesaving connotations that are attached with it.

We are talking of course about allergies both to food items and particular elements of food, like gluten and lactose. It’s important that you talk to somebody who would know about this kind of something before you start ordering pistachio Turkish delight with an E621 frosting. That being said if you ask your supplier they will sometimes be able to you refer to a hypo-allergenic section. This is an important thing to find out about your chosen online candy store before you place your order.