Do Not Throw Away Your Old Appliances

You’ve probably heard of this, “The new appliances don’t work like they used to.” These days it is quite common to hear that new appliances break down faster than how your old appliance used to. Well, it’s true. Look at this, modern appliances don’t last as long as before!

Well, one simple reason is that modern appliances cost lesser than when you first bought your first appliances 10 years ago. Taking account into inflation, they cost so much lesser now! Of course that will mean it will not last as long. Other reasons being that modern appliances have more complicated design and structure to their old appliances counterparts. Look at all those LED gimmicks and new features, of course they will burn the thing out faster.

In other words, don’t throw away your old appliances. This article will tell you what to do with those old appliances whether working or not.


Donate your working old appliances

donateYes, you heard that right. Don’t simply throw away your old appliances. There are many people out there unable to afford getting new appliances or even owning one. Donate those old appliances to the needy and make their day better. We’re all taking for granted what we have, those hair dryers, washing machine and even a clothes iron machine. Some people can’t even afford those stuff and yet all we do with our old appliances is to throw it all away.


Sell your old spoilt appliances for parts

sellSelling your old appliances that are no longer working for parts can be a great way to earn some extra money. Although it may not be much but still it is better than throwing it all away for literally nothing. Sell it for parts and get a few dollars off of it. Let your old appliances help someone else’s instead of having it rot in the junkyard.

Selling your old appliances part will not only allow you to make a few dollars off of it but also help people who are unable to buy new appliances. More than likely they will go to a nearest appliance repair store to get it repaired and they will definitely be happy if somehow your working parts make their way to them.


Repair your old appliances

repairRepair your old appliances! Yes, they’ve serve you for a long time but still it is better than spending more money on a modern appliance that will most likely break down a couple of years later. Repair your old appliances and who knows it will only take a couple of dollars to get it working again. If you’re in Sydney, you’re in luck. I do know of a Sydney appliance service that helps me repair all my old appliances. Most of them are still working perfectly after they got repaired.

Now that you know what to do with your old appliances, retrieve them back from your garbage before it’s too late. May your old appliances be handed to someone who needs them more than you do if not, may them still be useful to you.