Organizing a Golf Competition

Recently, I organized a small golf competition between friends. It’s a short and small event. The participants are all friends, pitching against each other. A small competition with friends can be good, especially when all of you are very competitive with each other. A small competition will allow you to learn more techniques and to build the bond with your friends.

Despite it being a small event, it still takes some careful organizing and also a great amount of time. I’m going to share with you my experience and things to look out for when you’re looking to organize a golf competition.


number of participantsConfirming the number of participants

Confirming the number of participants should be the first thing on your to-do list. You will need to confirm how many people are participating in this competition for you to organize your competition and to further plan your competition. Depending on the number of participants, you will have to book the location for that number of participants. In my case, I have a total of 7 golfers including myself. A decent golf course and a small area will be good enough.



As this is a private competition between friends, you will have to think of a budget that will work. Budget is important, no matter what you do and what kind of event or competition you’re organizing. Try to split the budget according to what is needed and to keep within the budget. Let’s say all the competitors are forking in $200 each (as this is a private competition, more than likely the participants will have to pay more) you must organize everything within $1400 unless you’re willing to pay a bit more.


Looking for a golf course

golf courseLike any other competition, you will most likely need to book a location. Work according to how the budget allows you to. If you found a good location with a decent budget, you are good to go. If the cost of the location is slightly high, try to allocate more budget to the location and take away some from other places. Try to look for a location that is easy to travel to for all the participants and make sure that the location is equipped with all the facilities that are needed for the competition.


Food and beverages

Food and beverages is the next thing you will need to plan. Once you know the number of participants and budget allowing for the food and beverages, you can order for catering services. In my case, we just went to a nearby restaurant and eat together after the competition, because we were considered a small group. Do remember to check with the location if they have food catering as most locations provide that service.



The last part left to figure out is the prizes for the winner of the competition. As I was quite busy and did not have time, I ordered my trophies online. It saved my time going down to the shop and get it designed. It was a pleasant experience. The quality was good, the price is affordable and the whole process was smooth and quick. You can probably provide other prizes instead of a trophy. Hampers and vouchers will be a good alternative.

Now that you know the steps to organizing a competition, have a great time organizing yours and I wish you all the best.