What a private detective can help you with

When you see private detectives they are often portrayed as either vigilante style extension of the police who operate within the confines of some grey area in the law that allows them to get away with more than what a police officer can, and the other times they are portrayed as shifty and somehow untrustworthy characters who will stoop to all sorts of lengths in order to get the result that they are looking for from a case they are working. However, in reality nothing could be further from the truth and while obviously things need to be exaggerated in TV and in movies for dramatic and theatrical effect, but the amount of lingering stereotypes from such portrays can be quite an inconvenience for the industry.

First of all, most private detective agencies are quite heavily regulated and require several different licenses and insurances which all come with the associated background checks that you would expect. Furthermore a private investigator has no extra powers that a regular citizen like you has, unless they are granted by the courts to have judicial authority in some circumstances. So let’s dispel some of the myths out there and take a look at some of the things that a private investigator can actually assist you with.



This is probably one of the most well-known and probably the most requested service of Private eye’s and it usually stems from distrust brewing within a marriage where one party has suspicions that the other is cheating on them. And while this might not necessarily be the case vin all of the situations, the Private eye investigators role in this service is to go and obtain evidenced to either confirm or refute these suspicions with the clients, using a variety of techniques to record damning or exonerating evidence, and if these allegations are found to be true and the client is going to request a divorce then these proofs can be used during the divorce settlement for a claim of infidelity.

As you can imagine there are a lot of jealous and suspicious spouses out there and this is a highly sought after service for people looking to divorce their partner and want leverage during the divorce. The methods that they can use to record are videos and audio recording in public places, notes of where and at what time they travelled to different locations and recording the addresses of the places in which the person enters or exists and who they associate with. They cannot run background checks on vehicle registration plates or break and enter premises to look for them.

Background checks

If infidelity investigation is the number one service offered by private investigators then background checks for employers taking on new employees for a position is most definitely their number two service. With many jobs these days needing advanced skills and qualifications as well as a clean criminal record it’s no wonder that more and more employers have started to worry about the possibility of people lying about their previous work, education and other accomplishments as well as if they have possibly been in trouble with the law before in a way that would compromise their suitability for the role. Obviously without these kinds of checks then employers just simply don’t know who they are taking on and whether or not they have really been truthful with them about their past, which undermines confidence in the new workforce.

Again a private detective has no powers that you or I don’t and they are very unlikely to use any “contacts” they may or may not have in any department or police office to track down the past of a simple employment background check. They will do things like telephone previous education institutions like schools and exam boards to verify whether or not they went to that institution and what they actually scored on exams, they can also contact previous employers to ascertain whether what was said in the interview regarding their employment was true and to verify any references they may have given to support them.

As you can see the work of a private detective is not really all that dramatic and hair raising and as 95% of a private investigators will tell you, the majority of their time is spent sitting in their car drinking coffee and looking at strangers through  long lens cameras and binoculars.