How a professional headshot can help your career

Now it has to be said to start off with that one of the fundamental flaws of human beings is our propensity for taking things on face value and for investing in the appearance of things rather than their actual worth. And while this is most definitely a flaw, it is something that you will always have to take into account when going about your professional life and trying to advance you career. The way you present yourself, especially in the more professional circles like client relations, sales and consulting, is extremely important to the way you are perceived and in some cases the way that you are treated within your company. And this is where a clean and professionally taken commercial headshot can help with changing how you are perceived.

It’s always nice to put a name to a face and this is a particularly important facet in business. After all, if your service is particularly high revenue then why would somebody invest $1000 a month for your services without at least knowing who they are talking to, what they look like and being able to associate your company’s name and branding with their individual advisor or consultant? Well not only does it add an air of uncertainty to proceedings but it can also negatively impact the way your customers view your level of service. But also importantly when seeking out and applying for new positions and opportunities, whether in your current company or in a completely different organization, the person you enquire with will definitely want to see you presenting yourself and by virtue, the company you represent in the proper way. So let’s go through a few ways that you can use a professional headshot to kick start your career.

For your resume


Your resume is a rare opportunity to give prospective employers in your industry an insight into not only your previous conduct and your experience, but also into your life as a whole, including not just work related points but also points about what makes you a great candidate. Maybe you are a particularly punctual and organized worker? Or maybe you have a penchant for thinking creatively and outside the box when tackling projects that allow it in the scope of work? Well you can cement the trust that the reader has in you by including a professional and smart looking photograph of yourself within your resume. This will help to turn you CV from just a sheet of personality-less paper into a reflection of who you are professionally and what you have to offer the company in a very human way.

A good professional photograph can help the person reading your resume evaluate how much you image will fit the company at large. When taking the photograph, it is important that you pay close attention to the pose and facial expression that you are pulling. If you appear too intense or serious then it can come across in a negative way and rather than wanting to connect with you on a personal level they are more likely to want to launch your CV and the attached photograph away from them as quickly as possible. The look that you want to be aiming for is a warm, open and inviting look that makes you appear as if you are an extremely approachable persona and can be imagined working hard for the company with ease.

Business cards


Whether you are sitting in an interview or consulting with a client, or even just socializing with fellow professionals, business cards are extremely important in order to quickly and conveniently exchange business contact details. However we have all been in the position of having a massive wedge of business cards and not knowing who one person is to the next. What would really help in this instance is if there was a picture of the persons face attached to the card.

Well that is exactly what can be done. Nowadays, it is easy to have a reasonably proceed business card with a photograph of yourself printed into the design. This will help not only with establishing your credibility and familiarity but also helps the person receiving your card relate the presence of your card aback to the time that they met you. And can be a great tool in keeping your face fresh in potential future customer’s minds. Please click the following link to find out more about the uses of commercial headshots.