Reasons to go to Auckland

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city. It is known as the “City of Sails” as it has a range of beautiful beaches. Do you love beaches? Then Auckland is the place for you! Auckland city is the busiest and most happening city in New Zealand. Cars are always moving on the roads, people are always seen everywhere, anywhere. It is truly a place where nature blends perfectly with the city.

In this article, I will be listing down the reasons as to why you should make Auckland your next holiday destination.


Do you love fishing?

Are you a fishing enthusiast? If so, we’re similar! I love fishing especially during the weekend where I am finally free from stacks of documents and work. Fishing really help me relax and enjoy the day or even night with my fishing buddies. I’ve been to quite a few places to fish and the one that I enjoyed most are those fishing trips in Auckland. Man are those fishing trips enjoyable!

What are you waiting for? Pack them bags and travel to Auckland for some leisure fun!


The beaches

beachesIf the fishing activity is fun, there are bound to be beautiful beaches. Auckland is home to many spectacular beaches. You can spend hours walking along the coastline and if you are truly a beach adventurer, you can easily hop to many different beaches.

If you’re a lover of the sun, the sand, building sand castles and of course, sun tanning, Auckland and New Zealand is the place to be!


The City

Auckland-CityIt’s okay if you don’t enjoy the activities listed above, Auckland is a bustling city with many to offer. Check out some of the amazing shops that the main street of Auckland has to offer. If you’re looking for something more luxurious, head down to Queen street where you will find many kinds of luxurious goods store like Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci.



FestivalsDo you enjoy going to festivals? Auckland is well known for its festivals. From lantern festivals to music festivals. You name it, they have it. However, be sure to check out the period these festivals are being taken place. You don’t want to travel there for a fashion festival but to find that there is a writers’ festival going on. Better get planning right now!



Do you love eating? Auckland is the place to be! New Zealand’s cuisine is all about the fusion and influences. There are tons of food from different cultures available in New Zealand! New Zealand’s food is mostly made using home grown ingredients. You can expect fresh poultry and fresh seafood being served when you visit a local restaurant. You don’t need to worry about your taste buds not liking the flavors there as there are too many different cuisines to choose from. Well, if you just love eating different kind of foods, Auckland and New Zealand is just for you.

So, are you ready to travel to Auckland? Well, I am! I’ll see you there!