How to Set up Your LinkedIn Profile

8LinkedIn is more than just a social media site; it can literally be the difference between engaging and developing a network with your customers and leaders of your business to fully take advantage of new trends and ideas and sitting in obscurity, serving the same 10 or 12 clients and staying on the fringes of innovation. With so much potential it’s important that you give your profile the best possible chance on the big bad internet, so let’s go through some best practices when setting up your profile.

Profile Picture

A very important element of your profile is the picture that you choose to portray yourself with. Obviously in business first impressions and appearances are everything and if you have an unprofessional looking picture how can you expect people to invest in your professional service? Keep it to clear headshots with a gentle, warm and approachable smile on your face, and wear some business clothes while you’re at it. Follow this link for more help with taking the perfect LinkedIn headshot.


In this section you have a mere 120 characters to describe to the world who you are and what you doing its entirety. Naturally there are areas on your profile where you will be able to elaborate but nailing this initial headline is a surefire way to peak people’s interest almost immediately. Remember to include descriptive and compelling buzzwords that will drive more people to contact you.


The summary section is arguably the most important part of your profile. It gives you a great opportunity to go into detail about yourself, your skills, with the ability to include high res photographs and info graphics really gives you a lot of scope and variety to truly showcase who you are and what your professional persona is like. Make sure to include a few of your best acheivements in this section along with a little bit of info maybe entitled “What you won’t find on my CV” to give people a scope of what you are like as a person and be sure to include a Call to Action to direct peoples attention back around to getting in contact with you.


Whether you’re looking for a job or just looking to drive people to choose you for your service, people like to know what you’ve done in the past. Well LinkedIn gives you a space for that too. Be sure to include everything that is relevant for what you are trying to achieve, but also throw in a few examples that may not be as closely related. This will give your experience section some character and help you come off as somebody who has varied experience and can adapt to many different roles and tasks.