What I Do to Stay Fit While Traveling

Would you believe I have been living out of a suitcases or two for 4 years and it is still ongoing? Yes, it is a fair long time. I have been traveling, living and working across the globe. No my parents aren’t rich and they don’t financially support what I am doing and want me to go back to them and stay by their side. You might ask how I support myself in a new country. The answer is I avoid staying in a prestigious place. But, there was one luxury accommodation that I come upon, I really love! Okay! Back to topic. I always try to look for a job if I want to stay and live in a city that I love for months or years, and I am always lucky enough to find a job.

For many people, travel gives an excuse hit the pause button of normal routine. Undoubtedly, being in a new country and living out of a backpack or suitcase does make it hard to gain access to things that we usually use to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You probably excuse yourself “I am on vacation, and it is time to treat myself after all the hard work.” “I now sleep at odd hours, and how could you require me to go an extra mile to figure out how to work out in a completely new city?” when it comes to stay fit while traveling. However, from my own personal experience, it doesn’t actually require much effort to stay fit even while traveling. Sometimes, all you need to do is to set aside 20 minutes for a little workout or replace your lazy and unhealthy habits with positive-effected ones.

I would like to share my tips with you and help you stay fit while traveling. Continue to read below to find out what the painless and effortless tips are.


1. Pack a Workout

Usually girls already have too much stuff to bring, like hair dryer, the whole makeup kit or a pretty sun hat. I would leave a hair dryer out, instead I would cram in a jump rope, a resistance band and a heart rate monitor. I always let me hair naturally dry to prevent damage that a hair dryer does, moreover, either of those items takes up less room then a hair dryer. I bet you can find 10 or 20 minutes in between activities for a little tight work out, right? This is the most effective and easiest way to give you an access to your original workout routine even though it is not a full workout that you usually do.


2. Walk the Town

walkMy favorite ways to explore a new city–walk! You can see so much more than sitting in a bus, and you can get to spots where a car can’t get, moreover, you can stop wherever you like to take an ice cream or a drink. I visited Barcelona for a week several months ago and all I did everyday was exploration on foot. I lost 4 kg within a week in addition to smaller portions of healthy food every day. See, 4 kg was just burnt out like that. You can do that too! Start by taking on foot tours on your holiday today!


3. Stay Hydrated

One of the big savers to feel good and fresh after a long haul flight is to stay hydrated. Hydration is the key, key, key, I already can’t say enough. We all know how sick we feel on a long flight due to the lack of humidity in cabin. Feeling sick and not rested could put you off plans for the rest of your holiday, so having good rest and stay hydrated is extremely important. Try to drink a glass of water every hour, and don’t be afraid flight attendants will be annoyed because you call them over every hour for a glass of water. Because they actually have nothing major to do apart from serving you and saving your life when emergency happens.