Things to organize before your kitchen open

Whether you are opening the hottest new Italian restaurant in town or are opening a new café bistro on the high street, for many people running such an establishment would have been a long standing ambition and dream and the opportunity to see the fruits of the undoubted labors that were put into turning those dreams into a reality will be a joyous and satisfying feeling after everything that they have done to get there. However, the work doesn’t end upon gaining the keys to the premises; in fact many would argue that this is when the real work of organizing and running day to day operations will become the next task. This can be a difficult thing for even experienced restaurateurs to manage and for the inexperienced and uninitiated it can be a monumental task.

However, everybody has to start somewhere and even inexperienced business owners with the right attitude and drive to learn and become better have become some of the most successful restaurateurs and owners in the world. However, there are a number of different things that you need to consider before swinging open the doors and praying for that Michelin star and failure to prepare is preparing to fail. After all you can’t expect to be clued up to everything that this job entails and Rome wasn’t built in a day. So what are these all important factors to remember? Keep reading as we go through a few things in order to put you on the right track to succeeding and help you to realize that dream of becoming the next big hit in your town and mostly, it comes down to how you organize your kitchen.

Staffing and rotas


Okay so one of the make or break points of your restaurant or café will be to employ the right staff for all aspects of the premises and ensuring that everybody is being managed effectively by a single person who is responsible for their section. After all, failing to employ friendly and charismatic waiting staff will result in a negative first impression to customers and we would go so far as to say that it can actually ruin a new establishment’s impact on its local area by virtue of this particular point. The next important thing to remember about your staff is how the rotas and their hours are divided and paid for and what their actual duties entail, not just for wait staff but kitchen staff, chefs and managers.

Getting the rotas devised easily is not an easy task and involves careful calculation, knowledge of the rules surrounding working hours and labor laws as well as the laws around fair remuneration. It’s also extremely important that there is sufficient communication between management and their new staff about what hours are meant to be worked and for them to feel comfortable with approaching their manager if there is something that they do not understand. However, from the outset the goal when writing up the working hours would be to make the wording and information to be displayed and conveyed in the simplest and easiest way to understand as possible to avoid potential confusion that could leave you temporarily short staffed.

Hygiene and safety equipment

The first rule of any good kitchen, before quality of food, cost effectiveness or anything of that nature, is ensuring that he food that you cook and serve to your customers is, firstly, hygienic and safe to eat and secondly, that it was prepared and cooked in a safe manner with all the necessary precautions being offered to your hard working kitchen staff in order to avoid as many potential injuries as possible, and this is ever more important in a potentially dangerous working environment full of hazards like a kitchen. This is in fact one of your primary responsibilities towards your employees to provide as safe a working environment as possible and failure to do so could leave you liable for any accidents that occur.

So make sure that your kitchen has access to the necessary safety equipment and gloves, gloves are particularly important for the cleaning duties that most kitchens will require and it’s important that you find a reliable and trustworthy supplier for all of your health and safety equipment. We hope this article was helpful. Please click the following link for more information about finding a reliable and reputable disposable gloves supplier.