Why you Should Use a Customized Birthday Cake for your Child

Your child’s birthday is just around the corner. This is when most parents either panic or just wait till one day before and get something nice for him or her. Well, have you thought of getting a customized, unique novelty cake for your child? Now, you must be thinking, why spend the extra mile in getting a customized birthday cake for your child? I’m a parent myself, nothing beats their smile and happiness.

So, money can’t buy happiness itself, but money can truly make someone happy, especially your child. Maybe if you give them a hundred dollars they will be happy but if they see their birthday cake shaped as their favorite cartoon character, they will be over the moon.


Kids love surprises

Customize CakeChildren and kids love surprises. They love to get something they like unexpectedly. Imagine if they see a cake shaped as their favorite superhero instead of a regular birthday cake, they would most likely jump out of their seats and start giggling and jumping all over the place. Because, they really love the cake. So, don’t get a boring birthday cake, get something nice and unique! Make them happy and if they’re happy, you’re happy as well.


Make them feel special

Children and kids need attention. They need to feel special. It is your responsibility to make them feel special and by giving them a special birthday cake, they will feel special. Although they need a lot of attention but they are easily satisfied. Additionally, when a kid feel that they are special to you, they will be more likely to open up to you and be more obedient.

cakeAccording to a research, when a child is seeking more attention, it will mean that the parent is not giving enough attention to them and cause them to seek for more attention through both positive and negative means. It can also mean that they don’t feel enough feelings from the parent themselves.

Show your love, make them happy. After all, it is only once a year to celebrate their birthdays.


It is worth it

If you are spending money on your colleagues, friends and on your personal wardrobe, why are you so hesitant on spending money on your child? They are not like your colleagues and friends that may change over time because they’re your child. True, other than making a mess and creating more work for you, they don’t help you like how your colleagues and friends do but don’t deny that your child makes up to majority of your happiness. So why spending some money on their birthday to make them happy is not worth it? It is totally worth the money.

I hope this article will be able to make you act on getting that “Despicable Me” cake for your child and make them happy. Do share this article with your family and friends if you find it useful.