Why you Should Use HDTV Antenna Instead

The technology of antennas has since evolved since those “rabbit ears” antenna that your parent and grandparent used to use. Now, HDTV antenna will allow you to watch television without paying subscription charges. The only thing you need to pay for are the equipment needed. Think about it, is it really worth paying hundreds of dollars for cable TV subscriptions for only few of the channels that you watch regularly? Or is it better to pay for the antenna and get free channels?

This article will be listing more reasons showing why you should use HDTV antenna instead of paying expensive subscription fees for cable TV.


HDTV-AntennaSignals Received Over-the-Air Are Much Better than Cable and Satellite

Yes, you hear that right. There has always been a misconception that cable and satellite television signals are better than broadcasted antenna signals. That’s a big NO. Broadcasted signals are so much better than cable and satellite, moreover they’re free. You will most likely get better picture and sound quality than using cable and satellite. Additionally, broadcasted signals do not contain any signal compression which will give you unadulterated high definition television channels.


New Channels Are Available Over-the-Air

The thing is that there are probably no or little local channels on your cable TV. That’s because they are usually charging you subscription based on the advertising fees they are receiving from those international channels. No advertising fee from them means no channels on your cable TV. Broadcasters usually include regional programs absolutely free. You will be able to discover new channels covering your local content. Some examples can be local news, local sports channel and local TV channels.


Major Networks Are Usually Transmitted Free Over-the-Air!

Transmitted Free Over-the-AirImagine discovering your favorite channels that was on cable TV but now only better, FREE over-the-air and what’s more, better quality! Yes, major networks are usually transmitted free OTA and it is up to you whether you want to pay for subscription for to watch it free using a HDTV antenna. You’ll probably find thousands of movies, your favorite sitcom and sports channel via OTA transmission.


Professionals Are Here to Help You Install Your Antenna

It is not easy to install an antenna, the same as installing your cable TV. However, an antenna can be easier to install by yourself as it does not need certain internet connection, unlocked ports from the cable TV provider and special customization. But, it is important to engage a professional antenna installation service provider to help you install your antenna to the fullest potential. That way, you are able to watch undisrupted television channels all day long.

Now that you’ve read the whole article, do you feel that you have discovered a hidden gem? When I first knew about HDTV antennas, my first reaction was “Damn, I’ve been paying subscription fees for my Cable TV for no apparent reason!” What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone, dial your cable TV provider and cancel your subscription!